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20 – 24 July, 2022

Conjuring #2

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As a prologue, Center for Art, Research and Alliances (CARA) is pleased to present Conjurings, a public program unfolding over three weekends in July and August 2022. Shaped by scholars, artists, musicians, writers, shamans, machines, sonic technologies, and many other life-forms and undefinable disciplines, Conjurings braids invocation, incantation, questioning, un-earthing, and ceremony to open space for future (un)doings.

Convened by Erika Sprey and artists Lamin Fofana and Sky Hopinka have been working together with Emmy Catedral, Curator of Public Programs, and Manuela Moscoso, Executive Director, conjuring weaved voices inspired by each of their own practices and research throughout the program and beyond. Out of this process of forging new collaborations and expanding our networks, we are happy to present various evolving forms of live and situated experimentings.

Mimi Bai and Sam B. Jones
Mimi Bai and Sam B. Jones

Our guiding question is: How do we dream not only about ourselves? That is to say, to dream not only about ourselves, but about each other, about beings of the forest, of water, of animals, buildings,  shelters—of concrete or invisible beings, as porous interdependent entities reliant on each other and everything around us. Such collective dreamwork requires a deep and thorough understanding of the shifting mechanisms of oppression and the realities of racial capitalism. It demands the undoing of Western categories and demarcations of thought; linear and quantifiable time-space notions, and inadequate dichotomies of body and spirit, rational and organic, nature and culture, dreaming and waking. Each invited conjurer will speak to and through these conditions for collective and liberatory dream practice—listening with care to what emerges from these future ancestries, and tending their rich and opaque transmissions.


July 22, 2022

7:00 pm Doors Open
7:45 pm Opening Remarks by Manuela Moscoso
8:00 pm Humeysha with Mimi Bai, Sam B. Jones, Don Christian, and Special Guest: Apparitions, Ancestors, and the Diasporic Imagining

Field recordings of Pakistani cities; the distinct dialect of an ailing grandmother’s reminisces; quick rhythmic loops from favorite childhood Bollywood songs—all of these sounds find their way into Humeysha (Zain Alam). For this program, the artist and musician will play a blend of field recordings, ancestral text, and new works-in-progress - an experiment in braided compositional process from which the score for the film Hide & See was born, and which has continued this past year in residencies across the Rockies and Appalachian Mountains.

A screening of Hide & See by Mimi Bai and Sam B. Jones, will be accompanied by Alam's blend of a recorded and live score. The experimental narrative film explores invisibility/hypervisibility, labor, and assimilation, recasting artist Mimi Bai’s clay and textile sculptures into shrouds for two ghosts, who deploy camouflage and bushcraft in a series of attempts to evade and outwit one another, all the while unraveling a hidden connection between them. The screening will be followed by a special performance by DonChristian, and a DJ set by special guest to close out a night of apparitions, ancestors, and Diasporic imagining.

11:00pm End

July 23, 2022

Session 1
1:00 pm Doors Open
1:15 pm Opening Remarks by Manuela Moscoso
1:30 pm Amal Alhaag with Kwami Coleman and Negarra Kudumu: Dispossessed Notes on Dirty Work: Broadcasting rituals and strategies for ordinary shape-shifters

This radio show looks, feels and listens through the lens of science-fiction, music, static and poetry to the ways we can be in the present tense and work towards the urgent project of simultaneously interrogating systems of dispossessions and negation and actively listen to the Diasporic archive of the everyday. What does it mean to be sent by histories? Together, we listen through the ways existing in minor keys has brought forward radical and rascal thoughts, practices, movements and riots. Dispossessed Notes on Dirty Work is an ongoing research project where the radio show is a social space for hanging out as a political practice.

03:30 pm Louis Chude-Sokei: Synthesis Genesis: Conjuring Black Algorithms

A talk and listening session focused on the sound art/multimedia/album project produced by Louis Chude-Sokei and iconic German electronic experimentalists, Mouse on Mars.

4:45 pm Johann Diedrick: [ a choreography of syncs]

[ a choreography of syncs ] braids together original musical composition, field recordings, interviews, readings, and autonomous sounding objects in order to hold space for erratic sonic encounter to arrive. Interweaving sonic events that run on clocks of their own, the performance is threaded together with a free-flowing interview between the performer and his father, tracing memories of Caribbean meteorology [ the hurricane ], aquatic revelry [ the swim ], and inter[species/generational] communication through wind [ the whistle ]. Through soft embrace of unpredictable cycles, [ a choreography of syncs ] whisks past memories with present offerings to transmit yet-to-be-heard reverberations for curious listeners.

7:00 pm Doors Open
7:05 pm Opening Remarks by Manuela Moscoso
7:10 pm The Otolith Group: Department of Xenogenesis

Convened by The Otolith Group (Anjalika Sagar and Kodwo Eshun), Department of Xenogenesis is an ongoing time space for public online and offline discussions, performances, screenings and exhibitions with artists, filmmakers, theorists, and musicians. This iteration of DXG is built upon the traveling exhibition Xenogenesis (currently at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin), with this event marking the New York launch of the publication (Archive Books, 2022) of the same name, which includes materials and graphics from The Otolith Group’s broader practice, including performance, lecture and research.

Introduced by Andrea Phillips, the program will begin with a conversation among The Otolith Group, Ed Halter, and book contributor Mahan Moalemi, to be followed by a performance by Miya Masaoka and Zeena Parkins, and ending with a reading of Sembalance by Fred Moten, with Brandon Lopez.

9:45 pm DJ Black Helmet: First Excursion vol.1

First Excursion is a 12 part suite of sonic works played by DJ Black Helmet across multiple custom cut records (with his voice used as accent) featuring field recordings from a variety of Black spaces across America. First Excursion vol. 1 is a re-imagining of Herbie Hancock's Maiden Voyage and Ramsey Lewis's song by the same name.

11:00 pm End

Johann Diedrick
Johann Diedrick

July 24, 2022

1:00 pm Doors Open
1:10 pm Opening Remarks by Manuela Moscoso
1:15 pm The Black School: Love Letter to Me - Collage And Sound Performance Workshop

Participants will be able to think critically about their personal love affair with themselves in relation to Black spiritual and political traditions inspired by "Love Letter to Me" by Keily Adams from The Black School: Magazine, Issue #2. Participants will gain an understanding of how they can create a collage using self-love as a principle. This collage activity will be soundtracked by a listening experience inspired by southern tent revivals and Black spirituality to create a meditative space for Black folks to contemplate, create, relieve trauma, experience joy, and find strength on the road to resistance. Using an Akai beat machine we will play assorted music including Alice Coltrane, Black radical speech snippets, Voodoo prayers and chants, and drums. Length of Workshop: 2 Hours - Age fluid! From 5 to 99

3:45 pm cy xA spell for our earthly selves...

This is a ritual for connection where for a moment we honor the totality of ourselves, our bodies, the earth, our pleasure, and the eco-erotic with the utmost reverance. If we are coming together to ask, how do we dream not only about ourselves, Let this then be a space for excavating & unearthing & arriving at new possibilities.

5:15 pm Pedro Neves Marques: Poetry Reading

Pedro Neves Marques will be reading a selection of poems from their 2020 collection Sex as Care and Other Viral Poems and new poetry from a book they are currently preparing. For the occasion, they selected poems bringing together feelings of love mediated by spirits, technology, and gender.

5:30 pm Amanda Piña: Becoming Mountains.

Practicas Eco Somáticas, a radical pedagogy for a decolonial ecology. Through embodiment and  dream-like experience we become many, transform into earth beings, become what we are: ancestral bodies, water bodies, bodies of mountains, of ice, of earth. This is a participatory proposal.

7:00 pm End

Pedro Neves Marques
Pedro Neves Marques


Blue CHiLD. & iris yirei hu will produce a commissioned installation in CARA’s main gallery, accompanying the program of performances, talks, and presentations. The second floor will also host an ongoing exhibition rooting the program in legacies of Black, Latinx and Indigenous intellectual frameworks and their many intertwined cultural expressions, with an intergenerational span of works by Amanda Piña, Betty Tchomanga, Emerson Uyra, Grandma Baby Apothecary, June Jordan, Khari-Johnson Ricks, Marilyn Nance, and Sky Hopinka. Presented in the ground floor gallery and CARA bookstore are works by Neema Githere, Juan Alvear, and the late Anishinaabe and Chemehuevi poet Diane Burns.We would love to have you with us.

iris yirei hu
iris yirei hu


Conjuring #2
22 – 24 July, 2022

Conjurings are free and open to the public. We have limited capacity, reservations are required.

COVID-19 Protocol: For the health and safety of our staff, invited artists, and public, we shall be requesting everyone to mask during the performance programs.

Accessibility: The entry to CARA is ADA-compliant and our bookstore and galleries are barrier free throughout with all gender, wheelchair accessible bathrooms. CARA shall accommodate guest wheelchair needs if requested in advance via Service animals are welcome. The closest wheelchair accessible subway is 14th St/8th Avenue station.

We would love to have you with us.